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Sports Massage & Joint Mobilisation

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Rachel Burton (nee Hodson), Qualified in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Advanced Level 5, from the Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage. Continued professional development includes spinal mobilisations, sports injuries, Tapping/strapping and several more to continue adding to the tool box.

Treatment aims to help common muscle-related problems such as sprains, strains, muscle aches also checking skeletal/joint alignments.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a practical, no-nonsense massage treatment which aims to stretch tight muscles, stimulate inactive muscles and improve soft tissue condition. It enables the body to move more freely, and over time, can help improve posture and flexibility to the muscles. Massage is popular for sports men and women as it can enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury, however there are advantages that all people can benefit from, including those listed below:

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 Chronic pain
 Postural problems
 Osteoarthritis pain
 Muscle pain/tension
 Aiding recovery after Sports
 Recovery from injury/operation

Common problems for professional and amateur sports people from amateur running, rugby, golf, football, cycling, swimming, horse riding, volley ball and racket sports of all kinds can include:
 Tight legs needing regular maintenance, rejuvenating and advice on injury prevention 
 Shoulder impingement, tennis elbow
 Tight arms where grip is used
 Trauma from impact (rugby type injuries)

Non-sports People

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You don’t have to be an athlete to pick up an injury and I see many clients who have been at their desk for seven hours - 5 days a week! Frequent issues for professional people can include:

 Office workers typically have neck, shoulders and repetitive strain issues
 Labourers with all types of muscles aches and pains

It doesn’t matter what your background is most people will suffer some sort of repetitive strain, or posture related issues on the body. Some of my clients suffer from chronic headaches, my treatments will certainly ease and in some, may reduce intensity of most headaches.

The Elderly

Many problems that affect us all as we get older can be sympathetically treated, increasing comfort and wellbeing for those affected. These can include:

 Arthritic changes and muscle tension related to this type of ailment
 Stiffness due to not being as mobile or loss of confidence in using your body
 Postural changes as we age

As well as back or general muscular discomfort, treatment can also be beneficial to those who suffer stress and stress related symptoms.

Remedial Massage

 Remedial 'massage' includes techniques that have developed from traditionally, then been combined with other techniques aiming to release tight muscles and to stimulate repair of a specific injury and compensations. Combined with massage, these additional techniques (below) provide an extremely effective treatment:

 Soft Tissue Release (STR) - A mechanical lock and stretch technique to stretch and 'unstick' congested muscle tissue
 Muscle Energy Technique (MET) - stimulation of the nervous system, enabling muscles to be stretched and to encourage inactive muscles
 Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) - using the nervous system to eradicate pain and tension. Trigger points can also be deactivated using this technique
 Myofascial release and connective tissue work
 Positional release

 Sports Remedial offers deep tissue massage for the treatment of sporting and physical injuries as well as bad back, muscle damage, whiplash and any trauma related issues. 

Prices for Humans

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 30 Mins - £30.00  
 45 Mins-  £40.00  
 60 Mins - £45.00
 10% Discount for Block treatments of 5 or more.

For further information about any treatment or to discuss a case please feel free to Contact Us now. Email: enquiries@burtonsportstherapy.co.uk or Mob: 07808 570820

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