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Welcome to Burton Sports Therapy

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Based in Rutland, Burton Sports Therapy provides a nationwide McTimoney Animal Chiropractic (Graduated at MSc Level), Equine Body Worker (EBW), Canine Remedial Massage, Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc Currently being Studied, then Advanced Clinical Sports and Remedical Therapy (Level 5) for all people (not just for sports people!).

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Rachel is fully insured and a member of the McTimoney Animal Association (MAA). ISRM, EEBW, Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Professionals (RAMP) which helps assure owners and Vets in the highest standard practitioner, having met a stringent standard of competence assessed on knowledge, skills, experience, and professional behaviours for treating animals. Offering a natural, holistic approach to health care, the body is treated as a whole with extensive case history taken aiming find the route cause, rather than just treating the symptoms.

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McTimoney uses chiropractic adjustments and is a gentle but effective whole-body therapy which uses specific adjustments to remove tension and restrictions in the body, restore alignment and motion in the spine and musculoskeletal system and optimise nerve flow. Unlike drugs, animal chiropractic treats the cause not the symptoms, helping the body to restore itself to structural and physiological harmony and proper health.

What is McTimoney Therapy?

McTimoney treatment is far more than a therapy for back pain; its wide-ranging benefits include: 
 Relief from pain and stiffness anywhere in the body 
 Relief from headache or migraine 
 Improved mobility & circulation
 Improved posture 
 Maximised sporting performance 
 Sporting or repetitive strain injury rehabilitation 
 Improved wellbeing and better general health 

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The developers of the McTimoney profession took techniques and functional theories from the human chiropractic profession (developed by John McTimoney) and merged these with the science and tradition of the veterinary profession. McTimoney (Animal Chiropractic), EBW, Remedial Massage, plus low level laser are performed by professionals who have undergone thorough further training and examination and certification at a Masters & Post-Graduate Level 7.

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Horses & Ponies

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Dogs & other Animals

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Currently taken includes:
 Equine - Biomechanical assessment & Analysis, Further shoulder, Rib adjustments & Mobilisations, Saddle Fitting.
 Dogs - Diploma in Sports massage, Advanced sports & remedial massage techniques, Canine functional anatomy & biomechanics, soft-tissue mobilisation and core strength conditioning
 Humans - Spinal HVT/mobilisation (John Gibbons), Osteopathic techniques for massage therapists (Advanced techniques with Cameron Reid)

For 2018:
 Training for Qualification in Human Manipulative Therapy (Osteopathic techniques)
 Continued training MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy

For further information about any treatment or to discuss a case please feel free to Contact Us now. Email: enquiries@burtonsportstherapy.co.uk or Mob: 07808 570820

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Burton Sports Therapy
7 Deweys Close
North Luffenham
LE15 8JW

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